About us

Our Team

TokenScope is a cryptocurrency project with a headquarters in Abu-Dhabi, UAE, was created in 2020 as an accessible risk assessment platform where any user could receive a comprehensive information about the various risks associated with digital assets and cryptocurrency transactions.

TokenScope Team consists of professional software developers, world-class blockchain analysts, data scientists, award-winning mathematicians, has strong background related with LEA, FIU, FATF (MENAFATF).

Our services

TokenScope is an accessible and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency risk assessment. Within the platform, you can perform a KYC/KYT check-ups on any transaction or address using our extensive database. For instant check-up, or for crypto risk monitoring you are welcome to use:

  • Blockchain address, block, cluster or transaction explorer
  • Telegram bot
  • Chrome Plug-in

For professionals in crypto or for investigation purposes can use our professional analytical tools with complete data about cryptocurrency transactions or specified addresses¹.

  • Benchmarking search
  • Transaction graph
  • Deanonimization service
  • Forensics

For VASPs, corporate clients, financial institutions or state authorities depending on the number of calls and customer’s business and internal compliance requirements²:

  • API streaming risk metrics data.
  • Customer’s on-premises platform installation

In case you need analytics or legal advice, you can also submit a request on-line or via Telegram Chat.

We are constantly developing our services to provide you with the complete and up-to-date information on crypto risks.

Our Mission

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, the risks associated with them have also increased significantly. Since the essence of blockchain is transparency of transactions and their traceability, we develop our services to display the complete and up-to-date information and accessible by a single click, thus reducing the risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions.

Our community

We highly appreciate the contribution of the crypto community to the development of the information scope around crypto projects, addresses and services. We pay special attention to those who contribute and share with available information. This helps other users to consider while decision making.

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  • info@tokenscope.com
  • TOKENSCOPE LTD Address: 34, Al Maqam Tower, ADGM Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

¹ Some options are available only on paid subscription
² To apply for these services please e-mail to info@tokenscope.com