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United Arab Emirates


M2 is a cryptocurrency exchange that received a financial services permission from the Abu Dhabi Global Market in August 2023. The exchange has rolled out its international platform for institutional and retail investors, offering a trusted place to earn and buy. M2 aims to be fully compliant and is backed by billions of dollars, offering transparent and stable ownership. The platform enables fast and secure trading of digital assets for fiat, fiat for digital assets, and digital assets for other digital assets, as well as offering high yield earn products. The exchange has been built to give experienced investors exposure to the digital asset sector by offering market-leading yields that are based on real returns. M2 offers over 30 digital assets for trading, buying, and earning best-in-class yield. The M2 Earn product provides up to 10.5% yield on Bitcoin and Ethereum, and investors can calculate their investment. The arrival of M2 gives institutional investors, family wealth offices, and retail investors the invitation they have been looking for to confidently and securely invest in the fast-growing digital asset sector.
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