New features of the TokenScope platform

We are doing our best to improve the TokenScope cryptocurrency risk assessment platform with special attention to improve user experience and overall usability, adding new features and optimizing existing ones.

Another update was installed yesterday and new features were added to the graph tool:

  • Risks are now highlighted on the graph. From now all risk-free crypto addresses are marked in green, medium risk addresses in yellow, high risk addresses in orange, and very high risk addresses in red.

  • On the transaction list page of the graph the ability to quickly navigate between the pages has been additionally added.
  • Improved smoothness of graph display and its operation speed.

The following improvements have also been made:

  • Our database has been significantly supplemented with new VASPs’ and fraudulent services’ addresses.
  • The database VASPs supplemented with new records where you can get companies’ data and, if available, information about incidents.

Your opinion about the project and its functionality is very important to us, as we improve it according to users’ needs. All suggestions and comments about the service can be reported via e-mail to info@tokenscope.com

The TokenScope Team
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